The automatic dispenser system can count screws, bolts, pins, nuts, and other speciality fasteners. This system above is designed to drop a predetermined number of screws into a dispensing cup to be dropped into your hand or a remote location. The operator simply pushes a lever with the heel of their hand and the screws fall into their palm. That same action resets the machine for counting and feeding the next batch of screws. This gives the operator the correct number of screws to put into their part and accountability if the screw is missing or is dropped accidentally into their part. The system has a retry feature, in the event a screw is not sent to the dispenser. The screw dispensing cycle time is approximately one (1) second per screw. This system above counts out seven (7) screws. We also can do mulitiple counts out of one bowl with a selector switch or programmed PLC signal! System Components: 1-10 inch feeder bowl with a B12 drive unit 1-Single exit feed mechanism 1-Air filter, regulator, valving and plumbing assembly 1-PLC controller 1-Ring Sensor 1-Despensing mechanism 1-Mounting plate for above components 1-Feed status light 1-Owner's manual with assembly drawings and parts list System Options: -multiple counting with a selector switch or programmed PLC signal -1/4 cubic foot bulk screw supply hopper with controls -Low hopper sensor and indicator light -Clear Lexan enclosure for dispensing system -Spare Parts Kit

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