Fixtured Components for Machine Builders / Integrators

Integrators and machine builders that face screw feeding as one of their requirements in a project and do not want to handle that portion of the system can turn to DTI for a solution. The DTI Fixtured Automatic Feed Componentry can easily be integrated into your overall system to attack the screw feeding needs involved in the assembly process. DTI Fixtured Automatic Feed Componentry provides a great fit for integrators and machine builders with its screwdriver platens, multi-exit feeder bowls and supply hoppers.

Our bowl feeder systems are designed for loading automatic / pneumatic fastening systems.



Multi-Spindle Applications

Capable of feeding multi-spindles from a single hopper, depending on cycle time required. With the same simplistic patented design feed as the single drop off feed, the patented multi-feed can be assembled and disassembled in 20 - 30 seconds with no required tools.
Fixed Screwdriver Platen Assembly Fixed Screwdriver Platen Assembly
with Thruster
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