Rigid Barrel

For misaligned holes or probing for blind holes and vertically up applications.

Rigid Pistol Grip
For misaligned holes or probing for blind holes and vertically up applications.

Standard In-Line Driver
Standard Pistol Grip
Drive to depth applications
T-Handle Deck Tool
Fixed Platen Assembly
Rigid for misaligned
hole applications
Barrels for special
Simple, patented
Drop-off Feed Mechanism
(no lubrication required),
with cover removed.

Fixed Platen Assembly with Thruster
Quick Screwdriver Bit Change

Easy Twist-off Cover

Hand Held Automatic Feed Screwdriver

Design & Service

The Design Tool team has a combined 85 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of automatic screw driving equipment and vast AutoCAD knowledge. Each DTI 5000 is designed specifically to the customer’s fastener and application. The DTI 5000 can be designed with pistol grip or straight type air screwdrivers with various rpm’s and torque, with reverse capabilities. DTI can also build on any brand of screwdriver.


The simplicity of the patented feed mechanism makes this screw feeder less likely to experience mechanical failure. The twist-lock feed cover permits fast access to the feed mechanism allowing it to be disassembled and reassembled in seconds without the use of tools. This simple design, in conjunction with the twist-lock feed cover, exposes the screws moving through the feed mechanism allowing quick visible detection and accessibility should a jam occur because of a foreign object or a defective screw. The automatic timed shut off feature on the DTI 5000 base unit reduces wear on the feeder bowl and makes the unit more efficient. The machine automatically shuts off if unit is not cycled for 7-8 seconds and restarts when the operator drives another screw.

Ease Of Operation

Our unique barrel design allows the DTI 5000 to be much smaller in size and lighter in weight in comparison to other machines. The patented barrel design allows flexibility to position the entrance tube anywhere on the barrel and sleeve assembly. This design enables the DTI 5000 to be used in more applications than other units on the markets today.


DTI 5000 PDF


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