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Automatic Screw Feeding and Rigid Screwdriving Systems

rigid screw feeder

The DTI 5000 Rigid Automatic screwdriving systems are designed to hold the fastener securely in the barrel and collet assembly keeping the bit in contact with the fastener.  This system is ideal for applications where a fastener is sticking out of the collet assembly and is inserted through multiple components into a pre-threaded or pre-drilled hole helping the operator to guide it into the fastener location.  The rigid feature allows the fastener to locate the hole without being pushed back into the barrel assembly and is used in tight clearance applications.

The Automatic fastener rigid system is also available with a barrel retractable feature.  This feature retracts the barrel assembly fully when the driver starts, preventing the screw collets from contacting the work surface.  It also allows our rigid systems to work in applications where there is not sufficient clearance to open the collets at the work surface.

The system uses air pressure to extend the barrel fully to allow the fastener to enter the barrel assembly when the feed mechanism is activated.  The rigid operation is controlled by the PLC.  The barrel retract and barrel extend functions can be adjusted using the PLC LCD screen and control buttons.  This feature allows the customer the freedom to tailor the driver performance to their exact application, rather than relying on a “one setting fits all” approach” like our competitors. 

The DTI-5000 Rigid screwdriving machines are available on both inline and pistol grip systems, and can be designed on pneumatic and DC electric screwdrivers. Design Tool, Inc. can build on almost any manufacturer’s screwdriver due to the versatility of our designs and to accommodate our customer’s need.  The DTI 5000 Rigid system enhances both quality and productivity, and is one of our best-selling systems. Please contact us for all your automatic fastener needs!



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